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Once you have booked your riding that space and horse is allocated to you.

Payment is required at the time of booking by card or 12 hours before the ride in cash.

We are not able to give refunds for cancellations, missed appointments, change of mind or late arrival (please ensure you arrive at least 20 minutes minimum before your ride time).

Horse-riding is a wet weather sport therefore rides will continue so please ensure suitable clothing is worn.

It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that they are booked onto the correct ride for their ability. Staff will assess anyone at their discretion and riders who are deemed a risk to themselves, horses or others will not be allowed to continue and no refund will be given. 

Each horse has a VERY STRICT weight limit please be truthful when booking (if you are unsure of your weight we have scales to use) WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO WEIGH YOU PRIOR TO RIDING. If you are found to have provided us with the incorrect weight your ride could be cancelled and non-refundable

Appropriate clothing to be worn at all times, no flip flops, trainers, sandals, scarves or dresses.  If you are deemed to be inappropriately dressed your ride will be cancelled an no refund will be provided, dress sensibly!


Regular lesson slots will incur a 50% fee for less than 24 hours notice. Payment to be made before your next lesson.

Failure to turn up/ non arrival will incur a 100% missed appointment fee. Payment to be made before your next lesson.

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